Alex Gitelzon at Splunk Conference 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

Public radio uses data to improve listener experience | #splunkconf

By Teryn O'Brien | Sep 22, 2015

How is Splunk, Inc. being used in the public radio arena? Alex Gitelzon, system administrator for Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), spoke to John Furrier and Gilbert George, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during Splunk .conf 2015 about how his company is using Splunk.

Data evaluation for listeners

At MPR, there are many podcasts that people are engaging with around the clock. It’s expensive, and MPR wants to produce their media in the best way it can. According to Gitelzon, Splunk helps his company by allowing it to know things like who’s getting what podcasts, where are they getting the podcasts from, which ads people like, who is listening, what state or region people are listening in from, etc. MPR can then target people more effectively online.

“Everybody wants to listen to what they want to listen to, and they want to listen to it where they want to listen to it,” said Gitelzon. “We need to be able to provide that.”

Data evaluation for apps

MPR helps people find their content by using a variety of apps to meet people where they are. They do this by partnering with different apps to showcase their content. Splunk is also used to evaluate the data from all the different apps.

“So we look at it and and know — this podcast was downloaded this many times by these people, this app downloaded half the podcast for some reason, this app downloaded the entire podcast,” said Gitelzon.

This helps MPR evaluate exactly how many downloads are actually happening and which apps are most successful. “Splunk makes it very easy to find and then do something about it,” noted Gitelzon.